Husky Painting Ltd.

Our 10-Step Process

From start to finish, the Husky Team is with you every step of the way. We manage the entire process from providing the scope of work, ensuring safety management, communicating with owners and residents, and doing the final inspection.

1. Project Consultation

We begin with clearly identifying your key objectives and visions for the project with an on-site consultation.

2. Scope of Work

A professionally written scope of work is provided addressing all the areas that are required to be restored or repainted, with costs and deliverable timelines.

3. Pre-job Meeting

Prior to starting the project, a pre-job meeting is held onsite with the property owner(s), council members, and/or property manager. All of the in-depth details about logistics and communication will be discussed at this time. This includes everything from choosing which colors will be used, where tools will be stored, hours of operation, safety protocols, and where notices and signs will be placed.

4. Preparation

Before any paint can be applied, the Husky Team will be working on cleaning the surfaces of all substrates, including removal of dirt and scraping and/or sanding away all materials that could affect the application of the paint and coatings systems.

5. Restoration

If any restoration work is needed (such as caulking, membrane coatings replacements, wood replacements, etc), the technician will first address those areas as provided in the scope of work. Oftentimes, we encounter wood substrates that have been weather-deteriorated and are required to be replaced or repaired before painting.

6. Priming

Prior to applying any paint, the Husky Team will prime the surfaces of all substrates that will be painted. Spot or full priming is an important step during the prepping process as it acts as a sealer and helps the paint adhere to the surfaces in the cleanest, smoothest way possible. In addition, the primer will help with durability, extending the lifespan of the paint.

7. Painting

Once all of the surfaces have been properly cleaned and prepared, the Husky Team will begin the application of paint to give the surfaces its stunning new look.

8. Inspections

After completing each section of the premise, the professionally-trained foreman on the Husky Team will conduct a thorough inspection. If any of the surfaces do not meet industry-level standards, the Husky Crew will immediately rectify it. To ensure quality control and consistency, the foreman is responsible to sign off on each section as the project progresses.

9. Clean Up

We will leave the property in better shape than when we first arrived. Upon completing the work, the Husky Crew will ensure all protective coverings and garbage are removed from the property, and any items temporarily removed will be put back in their original place.

10. Final Walk Through

Before leaving the premises, our company president will conduct a final walk through with the property owner(s), council members, and/or property manager. This evaluation process provides confidence for our clients that the job has been successfully completed according to the scope of work.

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