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How to Keep Your Commercial Building in Top Shape: Paint and Coating Systems

October 20, 2023 at 6:45 PM

Maintaining the paint and coatings on a commercial building is essential for preserving the aesthetics, protecting exterior and interior surfaces, and ensuring the life span of the building. A well-protected building can withstand harsh weather-related deteriorations, UV rays, pests or insects infestations, and moisture damage. Keeping your commercial property up-to-date with regular paint and coatings inspections and repaints are worthy investments for not only growing its market value, but also potentially saving some hefty maintenance costs in the long run.

concrete repair

Be cognizant of noticeable signs of wear and weathering, such as discoloration, fading, or peeling. Repainting or reapplying coatings will help protect against elements like dust, dirt, mold, or grime which can create further destruction to the building’s exterior and interior surfaces. Promptly addressing issues such as concrete repairs, wood rot and failed sealants are also important preventative measures when it comes to preserving the structural integrity of the building.

Wood Rot

Moisture caused by leaks or drainage issues may penetrate the wood, causing anywhere between light to severe wood rot. Depending on the extent of damage, the wood can either be replaced or repaired. Addressing the root cause of the water-related issues is key to preventing future damage to wood surfaces.

wood rot

Failed Sealants

Failed sealants are a source for mold growth and water infiltration leading to further structural damage. Performing regularly scheduled sealant inspections can help identify cracks, gaps, or areas of deterioration before the damage becomes costly to repair. By ensuring all sealants in the building’s exterior are in top shape, you are not only contributing to energy efficiency and sustainability, but also lowering heating bills and improving the overall value of the property itself.

Climate Considerations

Depending on where your building is located, climate can play a role in affecting the performance of your paint and coatings system. Extreme temperatures and humidity can have an effect on how quickly the building deteriorates. It is best to consult with a professional painting contractor to choose the products most suitable for your specific climate and environment.

Metal Corrosions

Metal corrosions are not only unsightly but can also have a significant impact on the structural integrity and safety in commercial buildings. Rain, humidity, moisture, and leaks are the primary causes for corrosion. Frequent inspections can identify corrosion early, allowing for early repair strategies. Applying protective coatings such as Nyalic to metal surfaces can help create a barrier against harmful corrosive agents, in addition to giving the surfaces a renewed shine.

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Interior Paint and Coatings

As important as its exterior counterpart, interior paint and coatings equally play a critical role in protecting the structure and appeal of the walls and surfaces within your building. Upon noticing cracks, chipping, or peeling of the paint, be sure to repair the damage promptly before it escalates to more extensive issues. Choosing a high-quality paint that is specifically manufactured for the surface you are coating will help increase durability and better resist wear and tear. For added protection, consider adding a layer of clear coat or sealant over the paint especially in high traffic areas to defend against stains, scuffs, and moisture.


When it comes to keeping your commercial property in top shape, regularly scheduling inspections and repainting is key to keeping the exteriors and interiors well-protected against environmental conditions and everyday wear and tear. Professional inspectors and painting contractors will not only provide valuable cost savings advice but can also implement preventative measures to help keep your building in great shape, for much longer.

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